Jiju Nair Gujarat Freelancer PHP Developer

Perfect job. Very satisfied with his work.

- Shibin

Excellent work. Patient and did exactly what was asked without needing to be pushed or asked several times. Already planning another project with him

- Paul J.

Great work! Will hire again, although the '4 days' stated wasn't that accurate, but i know jiju it was hard work in the different timezones. But overall great experience 5 out of 5.

- TonyLife79.

Good work, will probably hire again!

- Christine

If you want some one who can understand "website dumbies" this is the guy Jiju Understood what I needed!, actually read though my "Website Frustration" "this is the man." After spending 120 hours with others on oDesk trying to get the work done, This man did the job in the matter of days. Will be getting all my work Now and Future. I Thank you again Jiju for your Patient with and Australian website dumbie, lol

- Wendel Wood

I was extremely pleased with his work. I highly recommend his service. He is also very patient even though I continued to ask silly questions.

- Shayman

Job was done exactly how we were looking for and in the time specified, will hire Jiju for future projects.

- Peter Hagemann

Second job by Jiju was done as promised and right on time. Excellent work.

- Peter Hagemann

Once again work was completed on time, excellent job, will hire Jiju again.

- Peter Hagemann

It was a pleasure working with Jiju. He is a highly competent developer. Looking forward working with him again!

- Andreas.

Top notch work from jiju. Provided a really quick solution to fit my needs. I was very impressed with the work done. Can't wait to continue working with him!

- andreola97

We work perfectly with this guy, there's a bit delay on the project and on his schedule but everything works fine and good services. We love to work on this guy again.

- jomtien

Great provider. I would hire again!

- Andreas

It was a pleasure to work with Jiju,He went above an beyond my expectations and provide unparalleled excellent and efficient service.I look forward to working with Jiju on future projects and would highly recommend him for quality quick turnover projects .

- blilipstick

Excellent work. Patient and did exactly what was asked without needing to be pushed or asked several times. Already planning another project with him

- Paul J.

great job and on time !!!

- Chaze777

Again excelled just need to look at the website, and the Video Data Api, Made and easy to use for my Clients, And of course me, As Internet dumbie from Australia. I will give credit when credit is due. What I like is the fact if you arent exactly sure and ask a Question, He knows what you are talking about, Thats a bonus for someone like me who is not savvy with the website workings. Again wrapped in Jiju. Absolutly !!!

- Wendel Wood

Job was well done...

- Jamie Eklund

Always happy with Jiju and will always come back, Thanks :)

- Wendel Wood

Again trustworthy, and know's his work

- Wendel Wood

Great guy, Been working with Jiju for 2 or 3 years, and always on the job, Happy B/Day Lol Thought I would tell everyone , for next year celebration, Wendel

- Wendel Wood

Jiju has been great to work with. He is innovative and provides additional insight into a project. He also accepts and incorporates ideas or issues that are contrary to his own. Jiju responds well to being involved in site design work which includes usability as well as providing clean annotated code. As with any remote contractor it is best to be clear and concise with your instructions by using sketches or videos to convey your idea to the designer and coder. I am very keen to use Jiju again for other projects and anyone who is lucky enough to get their project into Jiju's work schedule will be lucky indeed.

- Paul Schramm

Jiju is an outstanding developer who I have worked with now for over 2 years. His work is always top-notch and I can rely on him to develop to my needs in a very timely fashion. Jiju is not only a great communicator and works diligently, he is also a fast learner and can acquire the skills necessary to complete a given project. I will continue working closely with Jiju in the future and 100% recommend his services!

- Moses Faleafaga

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